Discover Python for Data Analysis

Course 1: Before we start

What to expect from this training? : What will you understand? What will you achieve? How does the training work?

What is Data Analysis? : What are the key roles of a Data Analyst? And how is it different from Business Analysts or Data Scientists?

Advice for your journey : Some important pieces of advice for your journey towards programming and data analysis.

Understanding computer components : Starting from the lowest level by understanding computer components.

Introduction to Bash Scripting for Terminal : Learn how to interact with your terminal.

Setup your computer : Setup your computer for data science.

Start without setup : Getting started without setup if needed.

Course 2: Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python’s environment : Why is Python popular? How to install it? How to start programming?

Basics of Python programming : An introduction to Python programming essentials.

Conditions : Conditions in Python are major elements used frequently in your code.

Data structures : Learn what lists, tuples, set and dictionaries are.

Manipulating strings : Handling textual data requires to know some basic functions.

Loops : For and while loops in Python, and list comprehension.

Functions : Learn how to wrap your code in functions and make it easier to re-use.

Introduction to Git : 7 simple commands to master version control and code sharing.

Package installation for Python : Install external packages and libraries.

Course 3: Data Wrangling

Reading different file formats : Todo

Introduction to Numpy : Todo

Introduction to Pandas : Todo

The SQL data scientists should know : Todo

Course 4: Statistical Analysis

Descriptive Statistics : Todo

Core distributions to know : Todo

A Full Guide to Linear Regression (Part 1) : Understanding statistical analysis through linear regression (part 1).

A Full Guide to Linear Regression (Part 2) : Understanding statistical analysis through linear regression (part 2).

Basics of Statistical Hypothesis testing : How do we assess if a parameter is significant or not ? We’ll cover statistical tests, hypothesis and joint tests.

Course 5: Data Visualization

Key Concepts of Data Visualization : What is data viz ? Why use it ? What are the most famous tools ?

Basic Visualizations with Matplotlib : Todo

Interactive Visualizations with Altair : Altair is a great Python library to create dashboards and interactive graphs like in Tableau.

Exploratory Data Analysis : Todo

Create an interactive web application for data exploration : Todo

Course 6: Introduction to Machine Learning

Basics of Machine Learning and Motivation : A first approach to machine learning. We’ll go over the main motivations, the main kind of algorithms, what they can be used for…

Course 7: Final Steps

Final project to submit : Submit your project and get your certificate.

A final step : A final step before you end this training.

All codes and exercises are accessible on this repo. Don’t hesitate to show your suppot and star the repo: