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NLP - Data Augmentation in NLP : Details of the implementation of “Easy Data Augmentation” paper.

NLP - Character-level LSTMs to predict gender of first names : 90% accuracy on predictiong the gender of French and US first names.

NLP - Few Shot Text Classification : Implementation of a simple paper that leverages pre-trained models for few shot text classification.

NLP - Improved Few Shot Text Classification : Improving previous results with Data Augmentation and more complex models.

RL - Introduction to Reinforcement Learning : An introduction to the basic building blocks of reinforcement learning.

RL - Markov Decision Process : Overview of Markov Decision Process and Bellman Equation.

RL - Planning by Dynamic Programming : Introduction to Dynamic Programming, including Policy and Value Iteration.

NLP - I trained a Neural Network to speak like me : Having written over 100 articles, I trained a NN to write articles just like me.

DL - How do Neural Networks learn? : Dive into feedforward process and back-propagation.

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I also write articles for companies (if you think we could work together, feel free to reach out !) :

Who’s the painter? - For : An illustration of how data enrichment and feature engineering can improve a model.

Machine Learning Interpretability and Explainability (1/2) - For : An introduction to interpretable models with code and examples.

Machine Learning Interpretability and Explainability (2/2) - For : An introduction to explainability of black-box ML models.

A guide to Face Detection - For : An overview of the different techniques face Face Detection in Python (with code).