Signal Processing

A series of articles dedicated to signal and voice processing. All codes and exercises of this section are hosted on GitHub in a dedicated repository :


Introduction to Continuous Signal Processing: An overview of continuous signal processing with examples.


Voice Gender Detection web application: How to extract relevant features and build a voice gender detection application using MFCC, GMMs and a provided dataset.

Building a Voice Activity Detection web application: Voice detection can be used to start a voice assistant or in emergency cases for example. Here’s how to implement it using simple methods.

Introduction to Voice Processing in Python (1/3): Summary of the book “Voice Computing with Python” with concepts, code and examples.

Sound Feature Extraction (2/3): An overview with a Python implementation of the different sound features to extract.

Sound Visualization (3/3): Dive into spectrograms, chromagrams, tempograms, spectral power density and more…

Speaker Verification using Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM-UBM): Speaker biometrics is a field of Speech processing which focuses on identifying a unique speaker from several audio recorings. This can be useful for access control or suspect identification for example.

Speaker Verification using SVM-based methods: Another method relying on Support Vector Machines for Speaker Verification.


Introduction to Kaldi: An introduction to install, understand the key features, the organization, and get you started with Kaldi.

Kaldi for speaker verification: An example on how to run Kaldi for speaker verification.