Degree University Start date End date GPA
Ph.D. in ML and Speech Processing EPFL & Idiap Research Institute 03.2020
Specialized Master in Big Data and Data Science Telecom Paris, Institut Polytechnique de Paris 09.2018 04.2020 17.02/20
Master of Science in Actuarial Science HEC Faculty, University of Lausanne 09.2016 07.2018 5.2/6
Bachelor of Science in Economics HEC Faculty, University of Lausanne 09.2013 07.2016 5.0/6
Scientific Baccalaureate, Option Mathematics and Bilingual Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire 09.2010 07.2013  


  • 11.2019 - 12.2019: Natural Language Processing Consulting, Orange Senegal
    • Implemented a customer support Chatbot for Orange Senegal (Sonatel)
    • Match user queries with a question/answer database
    • Trained a POS-weighted Word2Vec, an LSTM-based intent classifier and deployed it on Streamlit
    • Gave a 3 hours lecture on Advanced Natural Language Processing in front of data sience teams
    • Python, Natural Language Processing, Tensorflow
  • 07.2019 - 11.209: Data Scientist Intern, Anasen
    • Anasen is a Y-Combinator data platform
    • Created innovative algorithms for automated String Transformations Understanding from examples using tree-based structures and genetic algorithms. Worked with back-end and front-end engineers, R&D, end-users.
    • Python, Algorithm optimisation, Natural Language Processing
  • 03.2019 - 07.2019: Data Scientist Intern, Veamly (Part time)
    • Veamly is a productivity application gathering information of several channels in a single feed
    • Designed and implemented a Semantic Similarity Search Engine for the search function of the application. I also implemented Bert for next sentence prediction.
    • Python, Search Engine, Hierarchical Embedding, BERT, Transformers
  • 09.2018 - 05.2019: Deep Learning Research Project, Telecom Paris
    • Research project over 9 months in group of 4 with the French Employment Agency
    • Research project for the French employment center on multimodal emotion recognition for Text, Sound and Video. Built deep learning pipelines for real time emotion recognition, deployed the work on a platform. Worked with the French employment agency to propose this platform as an interview training platform for job-seeking candidates.
    • Paper
    • Supervisor: Chloé Clavel, Affective Computive Associate Professor
    • Python, NLTK, Keras, Tensorflow, Flask, HTML, CSS
  • 02.2018 - 08.2018: Non-life Actuary Intern, Vaudoise Insurance
    • Vaudoise Insurance is a large private insurance company in Switzerland
    • Redesign of a private Accident Insurance product. Statistical analysis, anomaly detection, product pricing (MLE, robustness tests, profit testing, simulations)
    • R, VBA, Tableau



  • 08.2020 : Hackathon Winner
    • Won the 2020 edition of the International Create Challenge
    • Won both the AI Healthcare award and the 1st price
    • Made an assistive device for blind and visually impaired people
    • Learn more here
  • 02.2019 - Present: Freelance Data Scientist
    • Created my freelance activity (writing, teaching, building models…)
  • 09.2019: Hackathon Winner, MedikHub
    • Winner of the 2019 « Hubs as a service » Hackathon in Paris.
    • Developed a mobile medical service for rural areas, a booking platform and a pre-diagnosis tool using NLP. Won a 5’000 euros prize.
  • 04.2018: Finalist, Start Lausanne
    • Finalist of the Start Lausanne contest (4th position)
    • Developed a mobile application concept for car sharing
  • 05.2016 - 03.2018: Founder of Wanago
    • Crowdfunding platform specialized for van acquisition.
    • Up to 5 collaborators on the project
  • 03.2016: Finalist and Jury prize winner, Start Lausanne
    • Jury Prize winner of the Entrepreneurial Contest Start Lausanne after a 6 months competition among 65 startups, with 5’000 Swiss Francs prize.


  • 11.2019: Data Science Instructor, Dakar Institute of Technology
    • Dakar Institute of Technology is an AI school in Dakar, Senegal
    • I gave 3 weeks of courses in Data Engineering and Deep Learning
  • 10.2019: Machine Learning Instructor, Stat4Decision
    • Stat4Decision is a consulting and training company
    • I provided 3 days intensive trainings « Python for Data Science » in the banking industry.
    • My intervention recieved the grade of 9/10 from participants
  • 02.2019 - Present: Data Science Instructor, Vivadata
    • Vivadata is a 10-weeks intensive AI bootcamp in Paris
    • Created course supports and gave over 35 lessons on Stats, ML, DL and Data engineering.
  • 02.2017 - 03.2018: Student Assistant in Public Finance, Institut de Hautes Etudes en Administation Publique (20%)
    • Idheap is the leading institue in Switzerland for public policy/finance studies
    • Assisting Pr. Soguel and PhDs in tasks such as course support update, data base cleaning and updating
  • 09.2016 - 02.2017: Student Assistant in Corporate Finance, HEC Lausanne (40%)
    • Assisting Pr. Nikolov in creation and correction of exercises, answering student’s questions in my office weekly, correcting problem sets in class and correcting exams.


  • 09.2019 - Present: AI Writer, Stat4Decision
  • 08.2019 - Present: Editorial Associate, TowardsDataScience
    • Working part-time on AI articles review and content creation.
  • 03.2019 - Present: AI Writer, Explorium
  • 09.2018 - Present: Blog Writer,
    • I started writing a data science blog in which I share articles (over 100 so far) and tutorials on Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Data Engineering and detailed projects from scratch.

Technical stack

  • Daily user:
    • Python
    • ML Libraries (Sk-learn, Scipy, OpenCV, NLTK)
    • Deep Learning frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch)
    • UNIX environment
  • Frequent user:
    • Spark (PySpark, Scala)
    • SQL
    • AWS / GCP
    • Flask, HTML, CSS
    • Matlab, R
  • Used in several projects:
    • Hadoop
    • Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4J
    • Hive
    • ElasticSearch, Kibana
    • Docker


  • French (Mother Tongue)
  • English (C2, Bilingual Baccalaureate)
  • German (B2)


  • ML and Data Science
  • Sports (Fitness, running, hiking)
  • Travel (South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland)
  • Writing
  • History


Data Science Interview for DataCast:

An interview I gave for a web journal in Senegal, in French: here

Articles related to Wanago :


  • Since 2015 : Fitness, Running, Hiking
  • 2013 - 2015 : Swiss National League B player, Volleyball, SSO Genève
  • 2012 - 2013 : Under 19 Swiss Champion, Volleyball, Lausanne University Club
  • 2010 : Rhône-Alpes Champion (44m), Javelin throw
  • 2009 : Rhône-Alpes Champion (34m), Javelin Throw
  • 2008 - 2010 : Handball Sport section at school


  • 01.2018 - 07.2018 : Student Member of the Equal Opportunity Commission of HEC Lausanne
  • 10.2017 - 07.2018 : Head of Sponsorship for the Student Association of Actuarial Science
  • 09.2016 - 10.2017 : Entrepreneurial Journalist at Innovation Time