Papers and submissions


My reaearch focus, regarding ROXANNE EU-funded project, is speaker verification and speech recognition in the context of criminal activities. I explore the various ways to leverage criminal network topology. I am more broadly interested in applied Machine Learning, and in applications of ML in the Medical Field. My girlfriend is doing a PhD after having obtained her medical degree, so I would expect that at some point we try to publish something together :)


07.2020 - Paper submitted to CoNLL: News to be shared soon

05.2020 - Paper submitted to Interspeech: “Speaker Identification Enhancement using Network Knowledge in Criminal Investigations”, Mael Fabien, Seyyed Saeed Sarfjoo, Petr Motlicek, Srikanth Madikeri

07.2019 - “Multimodal Emotion Recognition”, Master Thesis, Anatoli de Bradke, Mael Fabien, Raphael Lederman, Stephane Reynal


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