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My girlfriend and I were recently looking for a house to buy. Rather than spending time on each of the real-estate websites individually, I decided to build a web application that scraps 5 of the most common real-estate agencies in the specific region of France we were looking at:


It basically:

  • scraps 5 real-estate agencies in the North-West part of France
  • gathers the results in a single dataframe
  • displays and sorts the results on a Streamlit web application

It mainly relies on:

  • BeautifulSoup
  • Streamlit


The application:

  • shows you details and pictures on houses from OuestFrance Immo and other real-estate agencies
  • has a filter on sea view
  • allows you to select a minimum and maximum budget
  • allows you to sort by date, price, self-determined score…
  • allows you to specify the amount of money you need to borrow, the interest rate, and computes your monthly payments
  • re-directs you to the source link with a simple click

Cool things:

  • you can click on the “Actualiser” button, and it will re-scrap the whole set of websites (± 1mn)
  • otherwise, results are stored in a dataframe, which makes the navigation way faster


The Github repository can also be found here:

To run it, simply use:

pip install -r requirements.txt

And launch the app via:

streamlit run

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