Illustrating EM for GMMs and HMMs

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I recently gave a talk on EM for GMMs and HMMs at EPFL and published the slides here. For the sake of the presentation, I built an interactive web application using Dash, Plotly, scikit-learn, open-cv and hmm-learn. In the app, I included:

  • GMM generated data exploration
  • K-Means vs. GMMs performance on overlapping clusters
  • Fitting EM on GMM data
  • EM-GMM for gender detection
  • Vector Quantization with k-Means
  • Background substraction with GMMs
  • Breast cancer data clustering with GMMs
  • AIC-BIC over the number of components
  • HMM-GMM data generation
  • HMM-GMM training and visualization
  • HMM-GMM for spoken digit speech recognition

I summarized the presentation mentioned above on Towards Data Science, right here.

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