Building a Dash Web application for Data Viz and ML

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I recently had to build a Dash web application to illustrate what Dash-Plotly can do. I chose to present some capabilities regarding Data Viz and Machine Learning.

I chose to explore the well-known Iris dataset. I also chose to use only Plotly Express for the visualizations, since the library is a light and well performing tool. There are 2 tabs, the other one is for Machine Learning. The user can select the column to predict, and the columns to use in training. Then, a Support Vector Machine Algorithm is ran on top. Since there are 3 classes, a 3D plot displays the probabilities of belonging to each class. The more separated the probabilities are, the easier it was for the algorithm to split the classes.

This could be a first step for a generic ML tool, a bit lit MindsDB. It took few lines of code and an afternoon, and was deployed in minutes with Heroku.

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