Lac Blanc - Chamonix (France)

Measure Value
Length 12 km
Time 6.25 hours
Difficulty 3/5
Temperature start 23°C
Temperature arrival 14°C
Elevation gain 1000 m
Number of steps 17’000
Date 27 June 2020

Hike summary:

  • A 6 hours hike that starts in the village of Argentières, near Chamonix, and goes up to the “Lac Blanc”
  • Diverse and stunning landscapes
  • Way colder at the top
  • Still a lot of snow end of June
  • Steeper in some parts
  • Technical parts with ladders

Here’s the map of the hike:

You will start by parking in Argentières, near Chamonix. A few meters further, the walk begins and you quickly start to elevate.

After 45 minutes of walk, you start to visualize your target of the day, the summit of the mountain:


After a rather steep part, you get out of the forest and start a more rocky part of the hike.

This part is followed by a fun and more technical part, with ladders, which reminds me of Via Ferrata. Since we hiked on a nice day, several groups were there, so expect some waiting time to go through this section.

The last part of the hike, which lasts around 45 minutes, is completely different. Wind and snow will quickly make you feel cold. We finally reached the Lake of Chéserys and the Lac Blanc, and the effort was worth the view.

Expect 2.5 hours to go down, and make sure to grab a drink in the center of Argentières afterwards ! :)