Home Renovation

My girlfriend and I recently bought a house together. We have started working on the house, and I though that publishing some pictures of the renovation process of this place would be interesting.

It’s an ongoing work, so I’m posting pictures as the works are being done :)

What’s inside?

There is a rather large living room that

The plans

My first plan was to draw some plans and sketches of what I wanted the house to look like. It’s rather small for the moment (< 100 \(m^2\)), and we want to turn it into a 170 \(m^2\) house with a 30 \(m^2\) terrace, by:

  • lowering the floor of the underground and making it a proper living space (+ 50 \(m^2\))
  • building a 30 \(m^2\) terrace, with a corresponding underground surface

This is a first sketch of the outside of the house:


Cleaning the garden