Col des Fretes - Talloires (France)

Measure Value
Length 12 km
Time 5.5 hours
Difficulty 3.5/5
Temperature start 24°C
Temperature arrival 20°C
Elevation gain 1150 m
Number of steps 19’000
Date 4 July 2020

Hike summary:

  • A 5.5 hours hike that starts in the middle of Talloires, by the lake of Annecy, and brings you up to the top of the mountain
  • Steep, really steep (30-35% on average)
  • But the hike is in the forest, so the shadow will protect you
  • Paragliders taking off at the top :)

Here’s the map of the hike:

So we started this hike within a residential area, following a small track that lead us to the “Accrobranche”. After a few minutes, near the village of Saint Germain, the view is already amazing.


The majority of the hike is in the forest, and although quite steep, you won’t be too hot, even on a sunny day.

After 1 hour and 45 minutes, take a moment to turn back and enjoy the view on the lake of Annecy and the sorrounding mountain chains.

Finally, the last 20 minutes are pure pleasure. You finally get to see the “Col des Fretes” that dominates the lake, and the “Dent de l’enfant”, which is this amazing peak (perfect for climbing).

We took a moment at the top to rest and look at the paragliders. A magic moment at the top :)

It took us around 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to the top, but there are many places to park and avoid the steep part at the beginning.