Private lessons: If you want to set up a private lesson (a few hours per week) to cover this content and apply it to your domain of interest, please contact me.

The training is organized the following way:

  • there are several courses, each made of several articles
  • each article contains explanation, code and images
  • the training is free, but you are invited to leave a comment under the articles to give feedback and allow me to improve its quality over time
  • when you are done, please comment on the last article how long it took you to go through all the material (working hours vs. time between first and last article)

In this training, you’ll learn:

  • What is a terminal and how to use bash commands
  • How to install Python
  • How to code in Python (IDEs, Jupyter Notebooks…)
  • How to write functions and classes in Python
  • How to share your code on Github
  • How to install packages from Github or Pypy
  • How to load and analyze data in Python
  • How to visualize data in Python
  • How to make interactive visualizations in Python
  • How to build your own dashboard
  • Key concepts of machine learning

The articles offer a theoretical approach. In order to gain the necessary skills, you should complete additional exercises and code on your own.

There is a final project proposed. This will serve as a certification. You are invited to send me your final project (details in the last article), and after a review, if concluant, you will be awarded a certificate.

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