In this quick tutorial, we’ll see how to use Google Drive as a file storage system when working in Google Colab.

Mount Google Drive

The first step is to mount Google Drive on your Colab session :

from google.colab import drive


Once you run the cell, a link is provided, similar to : Go to this URL in a browser:


Open the URL. You should now see a page asking for access to the content of your Drive. Allow access.


Now, simply copy the code given.


Paste it in your notebook :


Check the content of your drive

Your drive is accessible through the folder drive/My Drive. To check the content of this folder, run the following cell in your notebook :

!ls "drive/My Drive"

Load a file from your drive

Your drive can now be used as a local folder ! For example :

X_train = np.load('drive/My Drive/X_train.npy')

Similarly, you can save your files as you would do locally.

Conclusion : I hope this quick tip on Google Drive on Colab was helpful. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to drop a comment!